Coming Release - March 2020

The Way of Things

Book 2 in the Lakeland Things Series

 In The Way of Things, Abbie is celebrating her fifteenth birthday at the lake and finds a woman floating facedown and near dead. The woman is Anna, Colleen's best friend and local area realtor. Someone is targeting the female realtors of Lakeland. As well, Colleen stumbles into the middle of things when it becomes apparent that Gloria Sampson, mom to soccer goalie Dani, is being physically abused by her husband. When Colleen puts herself in jeopardy, Drew is furious, and tensions between them ride high. 

Lakeland Series Book One

The Heart of Things

Book One in the Lakeland Series

"Gilmore Girls meets Stephanie Plum"

Colleen and Abbie Lewis are as close as a mother and her teenage daughter can be. When a loose dog interrupts Abbie's soccer game, Colleen catches the boxer and attempts to return him to his owners. There, Colleen discovers Sylvester's humans murdered in their own backyard. Attempting to find closure after her grisly discovery, Colleen inadvertently steps deeper into the mystery -- and drags Abbie in beside her. At the same time, two very different suitors are on Colleen's trail, and Colleen is about to learn that choosing between two very fine men isn't as easy as it sounds.

Watch for The Heart of Things coming November 2019


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