New Release - June 26, 2020

The Best of Things

 In The Best of Things, Abbie is working at her grandparents vineyard and loving every minute of it. Colleen is frantically working on her wonder woman impression -- juggling about as many balls as one woman can, and Drew has traveled to Vancouver Island to visit his mom and tell her the good news about the changes in his relationship with Colleen. Unfortunately, Drew could not have timed the trip worse. A body has been found at Zara Vineyard, raped and murdered. Sabine is one of Zara's fruit pickers, in town from Quebec, and she has been carrying on an affair with Bobby De Luca -- who is now chief suspect in her murder. When Charles Royston finds Sabine's body, he suffers a heart attack. Colleen's brother Mark returns from California to take care of the vineyard.

Lakeland Series Book Three 

Lakeland Series Book Four

The Merry Kind of Things


The wedding everyone in Lakeland has been waiting for is finally here! With the big event happening just before Christmas Colleen and Drew have a host of last-minute preparations to make. The rash of increasingly violent robberies happening in Lakeland are not helping make the lead up to the big day any easier.
Since all her closest friends are affected by the series of crimes, Colleen feels like she is bouncing from one hospital visit to the next. Then Fur Face Salon itself is robbed, and neither Drew nor Sylvester are prepared to have the woman they both love injured without doing some damage of their own back. Drew suspects a drug connection to the crimes. With the wedding a few short days away, he is on the clock trying to prove it, though.
Abbie is excited about the wedding and cautiously optimistic about their family's future. She also is in the full-on grip of her first crush. So much change is distracting, so it is a good thing she and Colleen have taken up self-defense classes. Sparring gives Abbie something to concentrate on other than all the changes coming to Lakeland.
With old friends back in town to celebrate, Colleen discovers a secret she badly needs to share. Now, if only she could find the right moment to do so...
The Merry Kind of Things is the fourth and final book in The Lakeland Series. Watch Colleen and Drew get their happily-ever-after as they tie the knot, and they all finally become a family.

Near and Far Magazine book 2

Santa's Surf School


December 3,  2020!

Twin sisters Isla and Melissa Samms planned for years to start their own travel magazine. Now that Near and Far Magazine is a reality, they need articles for their winter edition. What better way to make that happen than to take separate Christmas vacations? So, laughing all the way, Mellie books herself a surf school holiday in Santa Cruz, California. Sadly, nothing about her trip is going as planned. First, the airline loses her luggage. Next, the car dealership has no record of her reservation. By the time she reaches her hotel, she is hoping bad things don't actually happen in threes. Then the familiar-looking man at the check-in counter turns around, and Mellie finds herself face to face with Travis Rossi, the first man she ever loved, the only man to ever ask her to be his wife. Suddenly Mellie can't decide is she wants to turn around and head back home -- or climb right back into Travis' arms.

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