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Peachland Passions

Walking Walrus Cafe


Walking Walrus Cafe is located on the shores of Okanagan Lake in the tiny summer tourist town of Peachland, British Columbia. Owned and operated by three generations of women, book one in the new Peachland Passions Series is set to launch in early 2021.

When Monya's husband died, she had no choice but to raise their daughter alone. Now Nina has a daughter of her own, and together the three generations run Walking Walrus Cafe in the tiny Okanagan tourist town of Peachland, British Columbia. They have lives that are busy, full, and reflective of the town where they live.

Brett is just in town on business, but when he tastes Monya's hospitality, he starts to wonder if maybe he should stay. The more he learns about the gigantic size of this small-town lady's heart -- and the more he watches her determination in action -- the more he realizes Monya is one of a kind. Now he just has to show her that she is his kind. And if she will let him, he plans to be a good man to her and her girls.

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Shutter's Eye

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April 2021!

Shutter's Eye

Amy and Jamina are besties. It doesn't matter that they don't share skin colours or religions. At least, not to them. The racist bomber who blows up Shad's Electronic store -- wiping out Jamina's entire family -- holds a different world view.

When the bomb blows, Amy and Jamina had only just left the building. They are left with both physical and emotional scars, but they are alive. Now, twelve years later, Amy is a famous photographer back in town for social worker Jamina's wedding. Before Jam can walk down the aisle, though, she is attacked on the street. Her injuries are not life threatening, but they do mean she is relying on Amy to take care of all the last minute wedding details and errands she can no longer do herself. To help her friend, Jamina pairs Amy up with best man, Zander. And ho boy, is Zander happy to help.   

*This novel deals with themes of racism, PTSD, faith, and family. It is not the story of how it feels to have your family killed because of skin colour. As a white woman, Leigh Macfarlane does not believe that is her story to tell. It is a story that shows that family is who we chose it to be, and that intolerance predicated upon skin colour or religious difference is foolishness. 

Rock Bottom Ranch wide distribution elaunch

January 2021

Rock Bottom Ranch


Due to Covid19, Leigh originally did an Amazon only launch of Rock Bottom Ranch. This January, check it out at all major online retailers! 

Former rodeo queen, Pearl Robinson, made one little mistake with her life.

She married the wrong guy.

Now divorced, she is coming home.

She has a new job working at the ranch of former town bad boy, Tim Wenger.

Rock Bottom Ranch is a ranch with a mission -- to help troubled teens through therapeutic riding.

It doesn't take Pearl long to fall in love with her new job, her new students… and possibly also with her new boss.

Together they will work to fight the town's opposition to what they are trying to do.

Will they also become a family along the way?

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Lakeland Series Book Four

Available Now!

the merry kind of things cover.jpg

The Merry Kind of Things

The wedding everyone in Lakeland has been waiting for is finally here! With the big event happening just before Christmas, Colleen and Drew have a host of last-minute preparations to make. The rash of increasingly violent robberies happening in Lakeland are not helping make the lead up to the big day any easier.

Since all her closest friends are affected by the series of crimes, Colleen feels like she is bouncing from one hospital visit to the next. Then Fur Face Salon itself is robbed, and neither Drew nor Sylvester are prepared to have the woman they both love injured without doing some damage of their own back. Drew suspects a drug connection to the crimes. With the wedding a few short days away, he is on the clock trying to prove it.

For her part, Abbie is excited about the wedding and cautiously optimistic about their family's future. She also is in the full-on grip of her first crush. So much change is distracting, so it is a good thing she and Colleen have taken up self-defense classes. Sparring gives Abbie something to concentrate on other than all the changes coming to Lakeland.

With old friends back in town to celebrate, Colleen discovers a secret she badly needs to share. Now, if only she could find the right moment to do so...

The Merry Kind of Things is the fourth and final book in The Lakeland Series. Watch Colleen and Drew get their happily-ever-after!

Leigh Macfarlane writes fun and sexy contemporary romances with a range of heat levels. Most often, her novels are set in the Okanagan Valley of Beautiful British Columbia, Canada, and celebrate all the region has to offer. Leigh's books often reflect on current local and global societal issues, and contain adorable fur babies and sometimes a dead body or two. 

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