Author Leigh Macfarlane has written two books of non-fiction, Quiet Me and Tailgate Church. Quiet Me is a mother's memoir about fighting for her son's life, and is not currently available for purchase. Tailgate Church is the story of a summer of random encounters playing her guitar at parks in the Okanagan of BC. Leigh has also written and illustrated the children's picture book -- The Little Green Beetle -- and released a book of poetry, Song Poetry.

Currently, Leigh has been concentrating on fiction writing. Smoke, a romantic suspense set against the backdrop of the Canadian pipeline debate was released in April, 2019, Honey on My Lips, a contemporary romance about a musician who is balancing sobriety, a new love interest, and a possible return to her old life as a performer was released July 2019, Rock Bottom Ranch, a contemporary romance set on a dude ranch which offers a therapeutic riding program for troubled teens, is under consideration for publication, and The Heart of Things, Book One in the Lakeland Series is a romantic suspense featuring the accidental crime-solving mother-daughter duo Colleen and Abbie Lewis, launches November 2019. 

Song Poetry

Poetry and adapted song lyrics on themes of Love Life and God.

Quiet Me


Suicide statistics in North America. have grown to unprecedented and alarming levels. How do you survive when it is your own child battling this monster? A mother's memoir.

Tailgate Church, 2nd Edition


Faith is better shared. So is music.

Sold a pickup truck for a pail of ice cream, Leigh Macfarlane embarks on a summer adventure with her truck, her guitar and her faith at random public parks in the Okanagan, BC.

The Little Green Beetle

This children's picture book was written and illustrated by Leigh Macfarlane, with the title character and the concept inspired by a chance encounter on a family camping trip with a little green beetle who would not slow down.


Set against a backdrop of the Canadian Pipeline debate, this novel follows four sets of characters as they pursue life, love, friendship and careers in the Okanagan of British Columbia.

Honey on My Lips

Have you ever been on top of the world then lost it all? Award-winning singer Dania Maeson has. When her guitar player husband dies, Dania spirals into addiction and self-destruction. Now, three years later, Dania is sober, is living in her sister's basement, and is teaching music lessons for a living. Also, she's met a guy -- a sexy carpenter with a past of his own. When sparks fly between Dania and Brandon, Dania must decide if she wants to return to the glory of the stage or if she is ready for new dreams with a man who wants to love her. 

Feathers in the Snow

Travel writer Isla Samms is vacationing in the Vernon hills in search of her next story. Nothing about this vacation is what she expected, though, from the early arrival of a baby to sleigh rides late at night to falling for the anti-social cowboy, J.T. Cooper. This vacation is starting to feel like the rest of Isla's life.

Launching on Leigh's birthday, Feathers in the Snow is free for one day only -- December 3, 2019.

Santa's Surf School

Travel writer Melissa Samms has been looking to her Christmas surf school vacation in Santa Cruz, California, but so far, nothing about this vacation is going as she imagined. First, the airline loses her luggage. Next, the dealership has no record of her car rental. Worse by far, waiting to check into her hotel, she recognizes the man in front of her -- her ex, Travis Rossi.

Available on Leigh's birthday -- December 3, 2020.

The Heart of Things

Colleen and Abbie Lewis are a mother-daughter accidental crime solving duo. When a stray dog interrupts Abbie's soccer game, Colleen catches the boxer, then attempts to return him to his owners. Unfortunately, she finds Sylvester's people murdered in their own back yard. Needing closure badly after discovering the gory scene, Colleen attempts to solve the crime, but her efforts only bring her and her daughter into the sights of a killer. 

The Way of Things

Book 2 in the Lakeland Series. Coming March 7, 2020.

 In The Way of Things, Abbie is celebrating her fifteenth birthday at the lake and finds a woman floating facedown and near dead. The woman is Anna, Colleen's best friend and local area realtor. Someone is targeting the female realtors of Lakeland. As well, Colleen stumbles into the middle of things when it becomes apparent that Gloria Sampson, mom to soccer goalie Dani, is being physically abused by her husband. When Colleen puts herself in jeopardy, Drew is furious, and tensions between them ride high. 

The Best of Things

Book 3 in the Lakeland Series. 

 In The Best of Things, Abbie is working at her grandparents vineyard and loving every minute of it. Colleen is frantically working on the wedding plans, and Drew has traveled to Vancouver Island to visit his mother. Then a body is found at Zara Vineyard. Bobby De Luca has been sleeping with the victim, and he becomes chief suspect in the murder. When Sabine's body is discovered, Charles suffers a heart attack, and Colleen's brother, Mark, comes home from California to help out while their father recovers.

The Merry Kind of Things

Book 4 and finale in the Lakeland Series. 

 The wedding everyone has been waiting for is finally happening! Of course, Lakeland is in the midst of a series of robberies which just may have a drug twist. Solving these crimes -- particularly after Fur Face becomes a victim of the burglaries, too -- has Drew distracted from wedding prep. Anna is having issues with her honey, and Abbie has her first serious crush. In the middle of it all, Colleen keeps her eyes on the prize -- the happily ever after they all deserve.

Rock Bottom Ranch

Former rodeo queen, Pearl Robinson, made one little mistake with her life.

She married the wrong guy.

Now divorced, she is coming home.

She has a new job working at the ranch of former town bad boy, Tim Wenger.

Rock Bottom Ranch is a ranch with a mission -- to help troubled teens through therapeutic riding.

It doesn't take Pearl long to fall in love with her new job, her new students… and possibly also with her new boss.

Together they will work to fight the town's opposition to what they are trying to do.

Will they also become a family along the way?



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