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Peachland Passions Series

Peachland Passions Series:

Coming 2021

Walking Walrus Café

Set in Peachland, BC, Walking Walrus Café follows three generation of women who own and work at the Walking Walrus, a beachside café. Years ago, cancer took Monya's husband and left her alone to raise their daughter, Nina. Now fourty-five, Monya has built the Walrus into a first-class diner with an excellent reputation. Monya's daughter, Nina, and granddaughter, Louisa, have both grown up with the restaurant as central to their lives. Nina works part-time for her mother while raising Louisa and studying to become a teacher, and Lou is grandma's "helper," and adored by Monya's clientele. 

When art dealer, Brett Grayson, shows up in town for an estate auction and stumbles into the Walrus looking for caffeine, Monya is shocked by her intense instant attraction to the Paul Newman look-alike. On a rainy morning, Monya takes pity on a dripping, thirsty man, and  lets Brett into the Walrus even before the store is open. He soon learns that this kind of hospitality and care is par for the course with Monya, and Brett is intrigued. When he buys her flowers, takes her to dinner and kisses her goodnight to thank her for her kindness, Monya realizes that emotions she thought she'd buried with her husband are coming back to life -- a complication, since Monya knows Brett isn't in town to stay. 

With their mutual attraction taking them both by surprise, Monya is also dismayed to discover the death of a homeless man she used to know. Driven by compassion and belief that all people deserve to be remembered, Monya searches out Garry's family. The way she loves on them seals it for Brett -- he's never known a woman like her, and he intends to do whatever it takes to keep her in his life.

Walking Walrus Cafe is Book one in the Peachland Passions Series.

Sunflowers and Sweet Peas

Cassidy owns the florist shop beside the Walking Walrus Cafe, and her personality is as sunny as her profession. Her rules in life are simple, do what you love, have fun, be kind... and don't date cops. Rookie constable Ian Roshan has decided it is time to change her mind on that last rule. He is in love with her and knows it, and is prepared to do everything in his power to show her that she is strong enough and brave enough to let herself love him back. Cassidy and Ian's story is book two in the Peachland Passions series, watch for it in early 2022.




Smoking Hot Summer

Book Three in the Peachland Passions Series

Nina and Colton were childhood bestfriends who grew up way too fast. The result was Louisa -- and Colton running away as soon as he discovered he was going to be a father. Now he's back, and he's not a scared teenager any longer. The man Colton has become knows exactly who he is and what is important. He knows what he wants. Now, if he can just get Nina to give him a second chance at love.

Coming Summer 2022.

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