Editing Services

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Macfarlane Creative offers professional editing services of book, essay and article length works.


Leigh has a Master's Degree in Creative Writing from UBC Okanagan and has experience writing and editing full-length book manuscripts, magazine articles, and English as a Second Language works. Leigh has also proofread business works including grant and proposal applications, resumes, and contract documents. For more information on Leigh Macfarlane, please see this site’s biography page.

Please contact Leigh for a free estimate and quote on services, either through this website contact page or at lmcreates123@gmail.com

“I spent a long time trying to find the best editor in my city. After hiring a big name company, I went to Leigh for a second draft. Not only did she do it in 4 days when the  BC’s best took over a month, her final edit was miles better.
She did incredible, and I’d recommend her to any of my friends who want to start writing!”

       - Austin Hawkes, author of the 2018 self help book 100 Common  

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"Leigh has been incredibly helpful, professional and responsive. Her attention to detail is extremely helpful as she is proofreading and editing civil engineering proposals. We have very high standards, and Leigh has met these standards. Leigh has been very responsive to our requests, and where possible has turned around a document within a few hours of receiving a job. I am grateful for her flexibility. I would definitely recommend Leigh as a writer, editor and proofreader for your projects."

        - Katherine Lepine, Proposal and Communications Specialist,

           R.F. Binnie & Associates Ltd.

"I hereby confirm that Leigh Macfarlane has edited books for our clients and ourselves. The editing was done in a most professional, efficient and customer friendly manner. We thank Leigh for her great service and can only recommend her as author and editor of business and other literature."

       -Jonathan Geiser President of CanadianSwissInvest Inc."