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The Lakeland Things Series:

In November, Leigh launches book one in the Lakeland Series. In The Heart of Things, accidental crime-solving mother-daughter duo, Colleen and Abbie Lewis (think Gilmore Girls meets Stephanie Plum), stray into the sights of a killer. While at her fourteen-year old daughter’s soccer game, small-town dog groomer and single mom, Colleen Lewis, catches a stray boxer dog who has interrupted the game. The dog appears to have caked blood on his fur, so Colleen calls local police officer, Drew Hayes, for help. When Drew asks Colleen to take the dog to the town vet and the vet recognizes the boxer (Sylvester), Colleen decides to return the animal to his family. Once there, she stumbles upon the bloody double murder of Sylvester’s owners.


Colleen becomes obsessed. She can’t sleep, and she can’t get the mental pictures of the victims out of her mind, so she does the only thing she can think to do – she sets about learning as much as possible about the victims. Doing so draws Colleen and Abbie deeper into the heart of the mystery and into the sights of a killer. 


At the same time, Colleen is navigating her feelings about the romantic advances of two very different men -- sexy and determined soccer coach, Diego Fuentes, and Officer Drew Hayes, who (at the precocious age of ten) was Colleen's first kiss. Although her attraction to both men is real, Colleen and Abbie have been doing just fine on their own. Does she really want to make space in her life for a man? And if so, which man does she want?


 - The Way of Things, book two in the Lakeland Series. In The Way of Things, Abbie is celebrating her fifteenth birthday at the lake and finds a woman floating facedown and near dead. The woman is Anna, Colleen's best friend and local area realtor. Someone is targeting the female realtors of Lakeland. As well, Colleen stumbles into the middle of things when it becomes apparent that Gloria Sampson, mom to soccer goalie Dani, is being physically abused by her husband. When Colleen puts herself in jeopardy, Drew is furious, and tensions between them ride high. 




 The Best of Things. As book three opens, Abbie is working at her grandparents vineyard and loving every minute of it. Colleen is frantically working on her wonder woman impression -- juggling about as many balls as one woman can, and Drew has traveled to Vancouver Island to visit his mom and tell her the good news about the changes in his relationship with Colleen. Unfortunately, Drew could not have timed the trip worse. A body has been found at Zara Vineyard, raped and murdered. Sabine is one of Zara's fruit pickers, in town from Quebec, and she has been carrying on an affair with Bobby De Luca -- who is now chief suspect in her murder. When Charles Royston finds Sabine's body, he suffers a heart attack. Colleen's brother Mark returns from California to take care of the vineyard.

The Merry Kind of Things, fourth and final installment of the Lakeland Series. The wedding is here! Also, an escalating series of break-ins has the town reeling, and has Drew distracted. Will Colleen and Drew get their happily-ever-after, or will the unusual year of criminal activity in Lakeland make their love a final victim?

Near & Far Magazine Series

Feathers in the Snow

A Near and Far Magazine Novel

First book in a Christmas Trilogy -- Feathers in the Snow -- Launched in honour of Leigh's birthday on December 3, 2019. Isla Samms and her twin sister Melissa started up Near and Far Travel Magazine together, and it is a dream come true for both. Knowing they need a hit for their inaugural Christmas edition, the sisters and their business partner, Augusta Merchand, decide to take three separate vacations. At first Isla is convinced she got the bum deal when Mellie arranges a surf school vacation for herself, and Isla gets stuck spending her holiday freezing her butt off at a local equestrian centre. Her opinion begins to change when gruff, enigmatic former rodeo cowboy, J.T. Cooper walks into the kitchen where Isla is stealing stew, and it is lust at first sight. When Isla meets J.T.'s passion in the form of the Clydesdale horses he breeds, she falls in love with the gentle giants. Before her time is up at the ranch, she realizes her feelings for the cowboy aren't far behind.

Santa's Surf School

A Near and Far Christmas Novel

Launching December 2020

Mellie's dream vacation in California is not going the way she expected. Not only did the airline lose her luggage, not only did she get a sunburn on day one, not only has her best attempt at surfing ended with her doing a first-rate face plant into the California sand, now she has literally stumbled into her ex. And since Mellie is the one woman he's never been able to get out of his head, this time, Max doesn't plan to let her get away. 

Whiskey and Mistletoe

A Near and Far Christmas Novel

Launching December 2021

No one planned for Augusta Chamberlain to be alone while playing host to potential advertising client, Joshua McLaughlin. It just sort of happened that way. As did the insane chemistry lighting up the winter air around them. Still, for Auggie, it is important to remember she needs to land Josh as a client of Near and Far Magazine. Ending up in bed with the man is not the way to go about it. Falling in love with him? Seriously messed up. 

Peachland Passions Series:

Coming 2021

Walking Walrus Cafe

The rough draft of Walking Walrus Café is complete! Set in Peachland, BC, Walking Walrus Café follows three generation of women who own and work at the Walking Walrus, a beachside café. Years ago, cancer took Monya's husband and left her alone to raise their daughter, Nina. Now fourty-five, Monya has built the Walrus into a first-class diner with an excellent reputation. Monya's daughter, Nina, and granddaughter, Louisa, have both grown up with the restaurant as central to their lives. Nina works part-time for her mother while raising Louisa and studying to become a teacher, and Lou is grandma's "helper," and adored by Monya's clientele. 

When art dealer, Brett Grayson, shows up in town for an estate auction and stumbles into the Walrus looking for caffeine, Monya is shocked by her intense instant attraction to the Paul Newman look-alike. On a rainy morning, Monya takes pity on a dripping, thirsty man, and  lets Brett into the Walrus even before the store is open. He soon learns that this kind of hospitality and care is par for the course with Monya, and Brett is intrigued. When he buys her flowers, takes her to dinner and kisses her goodnight to thank her for her kindness, Monya realizes that emotions she thought she'd buried with her husband are coming back to life -- a complication, since Monya knows Brett isn't in town to stay. 

With their mutual attraction taking them both by surprise, Monya is also dismayed to discover the death of a homeless man she used to know. Driven by compassion and belief that all people deserve to be remembered, Monya searches out Garry's family. The way she loves on them seals it for Brett -- he's never known a woman like her, and he intends to do whatever it takes to keep her in his life.

Walking Walrus Cafe is Book one in the Peachland Series, and will launch late 2020 or early 2021. 


Sunflowers and Sweet Peas

Cassidy owns the florist shop beside the Walking Walrus Cafe, and her personality is as sunny as her profession. Her rules in life are simple, do what you love, have fun, be kind, and don't date cops. Rookie constable Ian Roshan has decided it is time to change her mind on that last rule. He is in love with her and knows it, and is prepared to do everything in his power to show her that she is strong enough and brave enough to let herself love him back. Cassidy and Ian's story is book two in the Peachland Passions series, watch for it in early 2022.




Smoking Hot Summer

Book Three in the Peachland Passions Series

Nina and Colton were childhood bestfriends who grew up way too fast. The result was Louissa -- and Colton running away as soon as he discovered he was going to be a father. Now he's back, and he's not a scared teenager any longer. The man Colton has become knows exactly who he is and what is important. He knows what he wants. Now, if he can just get Nina to give him a second chance at love.

Coming Summer 2022.

Rock Bottom Ranch

A 2018 NaNoWriMo winner!

Pearl Robinson, former barrel racing champion and rodeo queen, is barren, newly divorced, and is moving back to her home town to begin a new job working as a wrangler at a ranch owned by former town bad boy, Tim Wenger. For Tim, life got real when his younger brother was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to fifteen years in jail. Now, Tim works to help other troubled teens with a combination of equine therapy and counselling. Bringing Pearl on is a great business decision, but adds some complications to his personal life, since he's crushed on Pearl since high school. And to Tim, Pearl looks every bit as good now as she did then. Rock Bottom Ranch is currently being considered for publication.

Shutter's Eye


At the age of 14, Amy Callaghan narrowly escapes death when Shad's Electronics Store -- where she is shopping  -- is blown up. The racially-motivated act of terrorism is never solved, and Amy and Jamila -- the only surviving member of the Shad family -- stay in touch. Fifteen years later, Amy is now an award-winning photographer, and her childhood friend is getting married.

A week before the wedding, Jamila is stabbed by an attacker, and although her wounds aren't life threatening, she needs Amy to help with last minute wedding prep. Since some of that prep involves her fiance Abe's side of the guest list, Jamila decides Amy will need the help of best man, Zander. And ho boy, is the gorgeous Zander willing and ready to help!



High Art

For Raewyn Goldwin, her new job as a gallery assistant is a dream come true. Everywhere she looks she finds inspiration. Every day coming into work is a joy. Surrounded by creative, talented co-workers, Raewyn couldn't be happier. Right up to the day, that is, that the collection of the decade goes missing. As one of three new hires, Raewyn finds herself one of the chief suspects for the heist -- and of those three, Raewyn is the only one without an alibi. Watch for it in 2022.

Love Like a Girl

-in the planning stages

Heather has always had an easier time understanding animals than people. So, it's probably a no-brainer that she runs a dog rescue. She loves as fiercely as her rescues need and deserve -- a trait that hasn't gone unnoticed by the man she considers her nemesis, city councilman, Blake Evans.

Wrong Girl For the Job

in the planning stages.

Lacey Donaghue knows nothing about... well, most things. She went from being the pampered daughter of big-city royalty to being the pampered wife of celebrity chef, Michael Bodain. When her father dies unexpectedly and it is revealed that he has gambled away the family money a week after Michael's rampant infidelity splashes all over tabloid covers, Lacey is left spinning. She's determined to go it alone and make her own way in the world. Who needs a man, anyway? Except, it turns out, Lacey has precisely zero marketable skills, and she is well on her way to having all her eggs irrevocably scrambled. 

Make Me Wanna

in the planning stages.

Katarina Kovolenko is an elite horse trainer. Nothing else has ever mattered to her quite so much as the amazing equines she has in her care. Things on her to do list include training the next Triple Crown winner, and... no, that's the full list. Things on her Not to Do List include Do Not Lust After stable owner David Kensington !!!, Do not Sleep with stable owner David Kensington 111, and, for the love of all that's holy, Do Not Fall in Love with stable owner David Kensington 111. Unfortunately, the man in question has a radically different to do list -- with her name top of the list. And with David's attention focused on her, Katarina's don't do list may prove even more ambitious than her to do quest. 


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