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What's happening at lmcreates in 2023


Well, mostly. Kinda. Almost. Apparently, there were ice flows on the local lake this morning, so there's that. Meanwhile, back at my house... I have seedlings sprouting in my bedroom, the patio swing is back in the yard, the dog is shedding aproximately a third of her body weight, and I also have a campsite booked for this summer!

At LMCreates, there is also a lot happening. When the Locals Travel has now been written and is waiting for editing, picture selection, and formating. Exciting! Art Heist is in process of being edited, and it is a lot of fun. You are going to love it! And, my own milestone is approaching, as I work on writing the first book in my Backwood's Writer series -- Writing a Novel. So excited! Pretty soon, I'll be back to writing outside on the patio!

So, enjoy your Spring!

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