a note from leigh - September 13, 2020

So, I'm sitting here in my office watching one of the Terminator movies. Honestly, couldn't tell you which one. I'm watching it because with the current state of smoke in the neighbourhood, I keep flashing on the scenes in T2 where Sarah Connor envisions the apocalyptic future. 

This show is all about a future which is constantly changing, but in which humans are fighting to survive. Hmm. Well, I get that. 2020 has felt a lot like that.

Right now, 2020 also feels full of some expected and unexpected changes. For example, last week, my daughter started grade twelve, but in a way that none of us expected it to look. Also, tomorrow, I head over to a lady's home to help her put her book on social media. Today, I had a phone conversation with a lady wanting a ghost writer to tell her story.

Well, I didn't see either of those things coming! 


 I guess that's why it is good to make plans for the future but hold onto them loosely. It's also why it's probably a good thing that I have finished and sent off to the publisher both The Merry Kind of Things (Book 4, The Lakeland Series) and Santa's Surf School (Book 2, Near and Far Magazine Series)! The books come out in November and December respectively. Watch for them! 

My own future is a bit to be determined. First, I will need to decide if I can take on the ghost writing project or not. Then I will need to decide which of my own projects to pursue next. I've dipped my fingers into the world of Raewyn and her daughter Chloe in Art Heist. I also have outlined my non-fiction, Lay Dee Pete. So, which direction I take next is a bit to be determined. Stay tuned -- you will be first to know!

Oh, and in case you were worried, Sarah, Pops, and Kyle have saved the world. Well, for the time being, at least. It remains to be seen what their future holds, too. 

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