a note from leigh - November 6, 2020

Well, it's 24 hours until the launch or The Merry Kind of Things -- the finale to the Lakeland Series. I have to say, I'm going to miss Colleen, Abbie and Drew, but I'm so glad they finally get their happily-ever-after. In the back of my mind, I must admit, I do have a couple follow-the-series ideas which could become novels. We could make that a thing, right?

In the meantime, I've been excited to create a new line of merchandise with the LMCreates Notebooks and also with the Yoga with Lily line ups. Looking for inexpensive Christmas presents to go with your book purchases? Check them out on the merch page!

For the month of November, I am once again participating in NaNoWriMo. This time, I am working on the novel, Shutter's Eye. I'm loving Amy and Zander so far. They are a fun, peace-loving couple who each in their own way are committed to making the world a better place. So far, five days into NaNo, Shutter's Eye is at 16,403 words and growing rapidly. Apparently, at this rate, Shutter's Eye is on track to be completed by November 16 -- and then it will be back to work on Art Heist. 

Recently, I was also invited to do a Zoom reading for the British Columbia Federation of Writers. I am both excited and nervous for this opportunity. As far as Zoom readings go, this will be my first. Watch for details on how you can tune into that event which is scheduled for Thursday November 26.

As well, I am looking forward to the birthday launch on December third of Book Two of the Near and Far Magazine Series -- Santa's Surf School. This was a truly fun book to write, and I'm so excited to share it with you all.

Who knew, when a launch date was chosen, that the American election would still be going on! It does appear that Joe Biden is on track to win, and then... who knows. What has become exceedingly clear this week is that the United States is far from united. Watching the election from Canada, I have no choice but to wish my American neighbours the best of luck for the next four years. May you eradicate Corona Virus from your country, reopen your businesses and schools, and get about the work of healing the divisions so deeply entrenched within your shores. 

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