a note from leigh may 2022

Well, this is a best-laid plans kind of moment. This month's trip to 100 Mile House has been put on hold due to this sudden and unwelcome engine light showing up on Baby Car. So, temporarily, we are sticking close to home until the dealership can get a look underneath the car's hood. That said, I'm keeping my days off. That gives me seven glorious days just to write and relax. It's going to be fabulous!

At the end of the month, Where the Locals Go launches. Stay tuned for lots of excerpts and images this month! Then watch for the paperback version only on Amazon and the EBook version exclusively on this website! 

Also coming in May, stay tuned for the announcement of the Spring is Here Book Giveaway event! Winner to be announced May 1! 

Available May 28

 Image From: Where the Locals Go

Grand Forks, BC

Congratulations to Regine Karpel - winner of the Spring Giveaway from LMCreates!.jpg

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