a note from leigh - June 30, 2020

Let's talk learning!

Last year around this time, I was contracted by the town where I live to develop and teach three different community writing courses. The courses covered novel writing, memoir writing, and self-publishing. Also, the pay was fantastic -- I was thrilled!

Sadly, they never happened. Yet, I had already developed all three courses before I knew they weren't to occur. Being me, I decided there are no wasted opportunities in life, and I would turn them into videos, and offer them as online training. 

I am happy to say, The Backwoods Writer Training program has now commenced. 

For now, I am publishing a new writing-themed YouTube video once a month. This video will be accessible through the Backwoods Writer tab on my website, along with supplemental learning material under the file share drop-down menu. On file share, you will find more in-depth writing on the monthly subject matter, as well as learning tools. For example, this month you can access and download nine pages worth of writing prompts for days when writing needs just a bit of a kick start. 

The plan for the Backwoods Writer is to release once a month with two months of theoretical topics (so far, you can find Inspiration and Writer's Block covered), followed by one month of practical tips on grammar or publishing. Next month, for example, we are tackling the dreaded comma and its correct usage.


Be sure to check out The Backwoods Writer, and follow me on YouTube at Leigh Macfarlane Writes to never miss an episode.  

Current Projects:

Leigh is thrilled to announce the launch of The Best of Things -- Book Three of the Lakeland Series. The Best of Things launched yesterday, and already the first round of soft covers have sold out! Thank you to all my readers -- I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing. 

In The Best of Things, Abbie is working at her grandparents vineyard and loving every second. When one of the fruit pickers is found raped and murdered in the vineyard, Bobbie De Luca becomes the prime suspect. Although Drew is sidelined on this case since he is so close to the family, Abbie does everything she can think of to prove Bobbie's innocence -- even when her efforts expose her to danger and create problems at home.







Currently, Leigh is finishing up Santa's Surf School, the second Near and Far Christmas Trilogy. Writing this book has been an absolute blast, and I can only hope you have every bit as much fun reading it. Melissa Samms is in Santa Cruz learning to surf, and nothing about this vacation is going the way she envisioned. The airline loses her luggage, her car company loses her reservation, and since bad things always happen in threes, she bumps into her ex at the registration desk of her hotel. Toss in a sunburn day one, add in the fact that she's doing a whole lot more eating dirt than catching waves with her surfboard, and Mellie is not exactly having the time of her life. For Travis, Mellie is the one who got away, and he figures she might just be the Christmas gift to end all Christmas gifts. If he can manage to keep her this time around. 

Santa's Surf School will be another birthday launch for me -- December 3rd, don't forget!

First, though, in November the final installment of The Lakeland Series will launch. Leigh has completed the first draft of The Merry Kind of Things - the fourth and final book in the lives of Sylvester, Colleen, Drew and Abbie. Now, Lakeland is experiencing a rash of robberies, and to Drew, there appears to be a drug connection to these crimes. When Colleen almost hits an overdose victim with her car when the man darts out of the woods onto the snowy street, Drew's suspicions are only heightened.  As the days tick down to the wedding, Drew is running out of time to solve the crimes and put a killer behind bars.

Leigh has now finished the first and second installments of the Peachland Passions series, coming in 2021. In Walking Walrus Cafe, we are introduced to Monya, Nina, Louisa Joy, Cassidy, Alicia, Owen, Percy and a whole town full of others who frequent Monya's family-run cafe, claim to fame -- best omelettes you will ever eat. Get set to meet Monya and Brett and Cassidy and Ian plus all the others. 

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