Leigh Macfarlane has been writing and loving creative non-fiction since taking a third-year class during her Arts degree in University. Although Leigh is currently focusing on fiction writing, she does have several non-fiction ideas percolating. Leigh is currently gathering photos for the non-fiction travel guide Where the Locals Go: Beaches of he Okanagan and Shushwap. As well, Leigh is currently outlining the memoir Lay Dee Pete, about the palomino quarter horse mare who was the first love of Leigh's life. Future projects may also include This is Your Captain Speaking, the story of growing up the child of Boeing 737 captain, and all the changes the airline industry has faced.

Leigh is also currently in process of developing several instructional creative writing courses and will deliver these over the fall and winter of 2019/2020. Eventually, this work will likely make its way into book form.